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5 things to consider before creating a digital marketing campaign

Your company can have the opportunity to be the number one entertainer with the help of an effective digital campaign. However, before you kick your digital bird out of its nest there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to produce the best possible campaign. Read on ...

1. Make your campaign FUN and ENGAGING!

If your campaign isn’t fun and entertaining, it might not be as successful as you expect it to be. It’s crucial that your campaign not only excites your customers but excites you as well! If there’s anything i’ve learnt this semester at NYU it is that as a marketer you must always aim to ENGAGE your consumers. If your campaign isn’t engaging then you might as well just drop the idea because your consumer needs to want to click that button and keep clicking till they reach the “Thank you for your purchase!” page. Your campaign should stimulate people emotionally and/or intellectually. Consumers should be left wanting to know more, and therefore a little bit of mystique goes a long way for marketing campaigns as well. Although, the idea of your campaign is just the first step. Executing it is a whole new challenge.

2. Keep your content brief and easy to understand.

With the times changing and everything becoming real-time in today’s world, it’s super important for your content to be brief and concise. People are so caught up in their day to day activities that they don’t have time for long essay content. To make an effective impact on your consumers it’s essential to make your content easy to understand as well. Don’t use complicated jargon and vocabulary that will make the reader have to look things up. If anything, make it one impactful sentence and that could sometimes do the trick too! #hashtags are now becoming a trend because they’re short and brief and still tell a story. For example, Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign went viral in 2015 on twitter. Brands have started making very impactful uses of these tools in order to create good content. Writing isn’t easy, but reading the content you write should be!

3. Be consistent on all your social media platforms.

What brands fail to realize sometimes is that their customers could be on any social media platform at any given time and therefore it is important to promote your campaign on every social media platform. How important is it for your campaign to be promoted across all your social media pages? Extremely important. Gillette, which is owned by P&G is a huge brand and yet with their latest ‘Justice League’ campaign, they promoted it on all their pages except Instagram. Which is a huge mistake in today’s day and age because almost everyone is on Instagram and it happens to be the highest used social media platform by the target audience that Justice League would be targeting. Gillette could have had a much more successful campaign had they promoted this on Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram are all huge tools for marketers today but if you don’t use them effectively then you’re missing out and so is your brand! Make sure your campaign makes use of elements like ‘sponsored ads’ on Instagram, and ‘story ads’ on Snapchat so that you’re constantly in the palms of every other individual. Social is a huge part of digital marketing campaigns, and they’re growing every single day. Check out my infographic to learn more about all the amazing business tools Instagram has to offer.

4. Chant these abbreviations: UI and UX.

‘User Interface’ and ‘User Experience’ are two very important things that will help your marketing campaign feel and look better than you ever expected it to. A brand’s UI and UX is what holds the brand image afloat. If you do not manage the user experience and interface on your website, and tailor it to different devices like your mobile, tablet and desktop you’re going to fail to maintain consistency and that will reflect poorly on the brand overall. A brand that does a great job with their UI and UX is the new and hip men’s shaving brand – Harry’s and you can read more about it here. When your customer comes to any of your websites or uses your app, it is your job as a marketer to make sure that their experience is fantastic and remains constant no matter the device they use it from. Making your UX and UI effective will improve the quality and impact of your digital marketing campaign and leave out one less thing to worry about while executing it.

5. And finally – KEYWORDS!

What would we do without Google? Although what we don’t realize is that Google is a search engine just like several others that just holds a big data for you to skim through and if you use the appropriate keywords you’re good to go! There was a time when you really had to think about what you were going to type into Google while searching for something, but today Google is smarter and even if you type in “beer san francisco” you will find exactly what you’re looking for. Using the appropriate keywords through Google AdWords is a very essential base for your campaign. For people to find your campaign effectively and use minimal search skills to get to you, I would be sure to have the best keywords for your website to begin with and then eventually for your campaign.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start the bidding!

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