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bU. is a LEARNING & VALUE CREATION SERIES for individuals


I believe your awesomeness, without a moment of doubt! I believe that only YOU are responsible for your life and when you are willing to be vulnerable and be yourself and believe in yourself you can build yourself to be anything you wish to be.

Building anything takes time!
Be patient as you build yourself. Take baby steps each day.
As a Connections Coach, it is my purpose to make you become aware of your resourcefulness. Be the person you most authentically are from the roots upwards to the trunk, and finally the flowers and fruit that you are meant to give to the world - this is the philosophy of my logo --->

If you are disturbed, it is likely you will be distracted from your path and not be able to give your best in the situation you are in.

I also help you build your personal brand one-on-one  

Once you become aware and stay congruent with your inner values and purpose, you will be able to give your best skills and talent to the world. It is then that you can be present in the here and now truly embody the tagline: 


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Self discovery workshop, bU., Priya Sharma Shaikh

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My awareness of my possibilities took time, and it happened along the several stages of my life, when ... 

  • I was thrown into managing a very conflicting team that went against me

  • I faced the glass ceiling and contempt from peers and juniors

  • I worked under and dealt with a narcissistic boss that took pleasure in taking credit for the work that I did

  • I was sexually molested & assaulted. I did not have the courage to speak up 

  • I got fired and desperately looked for a job, so as not to miss my EMI   

  • I spearheaded the transformation of a company's business operations despite employee resistance

  • I fronted sales for some of the toughest products

  • I quit work for 6 years to be a mother to my two babies

  • I resumed work juggling deadlines-home-children-societal expectations

  • I switched careers at 50 pushing aside the chatter from everyone  

  • I fulfilled a childhood dream at 53, while nearly encountering death!

  • It took me five years to complete writing my first book at 54

  • ... And oh so many more amazing life experiences I have been through!

However challenged or bad or alone or helpless or inadequate each of these experiences made me feel, I believe they helped me become the person I am today. They helped me realise the value of presence. Of being in the here and now. They made me realise that there was a reason I survived them as I had to share my wisdom with the world. I had better things to live for and do. I fell in love with this beautiful world each time it tried to beat me down and I gifted myself the ABUNDANCE I so much deserved. They also nurtured me for my newest avatar, of being a Leadership and Life Transformation Coach

I believe the awareness in me happened when I started wanting change and I was willing to take responsibility of all that happened to me and I was willing to be accountable for my actions. I started with believing in myself by reaching out to the power of the limitless divine energy that flows through me, and then there was no turning back.


That same energy flows through you too and I know that I can help you discover it. 

Self Discovery workshop, Priya Sharma Shaikh
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